Stationary Engineer

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Job Summary
Position requires Shift Work. Employee performs duties as shift operator at the Keesler Air Force Base Central Energy Plant for Keesler Medical Center as well as maintenance and repair for associated facilities. This position may be required to perform any combination of the following responsibilities: installation, maintenance, generation, distribution or repair of equipment for the generation, distribution, or utilization of electric energy. Performs the electrical duties necessary to maintain all buildings and structures in good repair. Responsible for the equipment and tools necessary to perform such work. Plans, coordinates, and directs all activities associated with the daily operation of the power plant to include all repairs and maintenance.
Essential Functions
Performs duties as plant operator for electrical and power generation.
Maintains repairs, replaces and installs electrical systems to include, but not limited to, switches, fixtures, motors, transformers, controllers, associated electronic components, distribution and wiring.
Assists in the maintenance, repair, and operation of plant equipment.
Has knowledge of cathodic protection, communications, and grounding systems.
Responds to repair requests for medical center facilities.
Installs and maintains low-voltage (480/277, 600) volts and below (50/60 HZ) single and multi-phase power wiring.
Ensures that the material used and workmanship meet the requirements of the applicable technical and safety standards.
Required to comply with PPE requirements and standards.
Responsible to perform all assigned duties as safely and efficiently as possible to maintain a safe work environment in accordance with all applicable rules and standards including, but not limited to, OSHA and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Life Safety Codes and Standards.
Must be able to troubleshoot and identify problems.
Works job assignments, researches and requisitions materials, and prepares necessary documents and reports.
Schedules work and verifies quality of work performed.
Able to read and interpret Work Orders, parts requests, drawings/schematics/ blueprints and manuals in order to accomplish assigned duties.
Accomplishes periodic inspections, recurring maintenance requirements and associated documentation. Maintains systems to conform to written guidance and applicable changes.
Maintains required operating forms and records and assures proper use of all assigned shop equipment.
Complete jobs using a variety of hand tools, portable power tools, shop equipment, standard measuring instruments, make standard shop computations relating dimensions of work, and select materials necessary for the work.
Makes adjustments to, and maintain shop equipment, and hand-tools to ensure proper operation.
Requires working scheduled and unscheduled overtime work including areas other than respective skilled trade.
Perform other duties as assigned in accordance with contractual, functional and mission requirements.
Position is classified as mission essential and requires employee to shelter at work site and respond to disasters and other contingency operations.
Basic Qualifications
High School diploma or equivalent.
Minimum of 5 years experience with installation and maintenance of low-voltage (480/277, 600) volts and below (50/60 HZ) single and multiphase power wiring.
Minimum 5 years experience maintenance, repair, and operation of electrical power generators.
Electrical journeyman's license required.
Current CPR certification required.
Must be able to comply with PPE requirements and standards.
Must possess valid State Driver's License; must have the ability to obtain and maintain a United States Government and/or United States Air Force vehicle driver's license.
Must have favorable National Agency Check (NACI).
Must have ability to meet the requirements for issuance of a computer network account (favorable National Agency Check and successfully complete computer security training) and any required security clearances including flight line access.
Ability and willingness to work as a member of a team.
Must have proficient English verbal and written communication skills.
Computer skills required to include: ability to utilize computer automated systems to perform assigned duties including: Microsoft Office Suite, planning, ordering materials, TLS timesheets, and email functions.
Must be able to lift a minimum of 50 pounds.
Able to stand or sit for long periods of time.
Requires working scheduled and unscheduled overtime work including areas other than respective skilled trade.
Position is classified as mission essential and requires employee to shelter at work location and to respond to disasters or other contingency operations.
PRE-EMPLOYMENT PHYSICAL EXAMINATIONS AND IMMUNIZATIONS. The service provider shall be responsible for pre-employment physicals and immunizations/shots as prescribed by MTF policies for any service provider personnel who may work at the MTF. Immunization/shot records for service provider personnel who may work at the MTF shall be maintained by the service provider and made available to the ACO and designated Government personnel upon request. Employees, who may have occupational exposure to blood or body fluids, or other potentially infectious materials, should receive the Hepatitis B vaccine, or sign an informed voluntary declination letter which must be maintained by the contractor in the employee''s health record made available to the ACO and designated Government representatives upon request, or have documented immunity to Hepatitis B infection. Employees who sign declinations may change their minds at anytime and receive the Hepatitis B vaccine.
Other Requirements for Physical Examinations. The MTF Commander, or his designated representative, may require nose and throat cultures and blood samples from contractor personnel when required by the Infection Control Officer. The MTF Commander reserves the right to have any contractor employee examined if illness or infection is suspected.
Medically Unfit Employees. The MTF Commander, or his designated representative, may designate an employee as medically unfit for work on the medical campus. The medically unfit employee will not return to work on the medical campus until re-examined by a contractor-selected physician or, if applicable, the appropriate MTF physician, and given a release to work statement.
Date: 2014-06-11
Country: US
State: MS
City: Keesler AFB
Postal Code: 39534
Category: Job Category - Engineering

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