Server Assistant

Company Name:
Caesars Entertainment
Responsible for ensuring that dining room tables are cleared and properly maintained before, during, and after each seating. Works with food servers to provide assistance with non-alcoholic beverage service and obtains service items from storage as needed. Inventories and requisitions supplies kept at bus stations.
Works to maintain the dining area in accordance with departmental specifications and assist the food service team in accommodating the needs and requests of guests. Ensures that bus station supply stock is maintained to par levels. Treats guests with courtesy and respect. Is at all times appropriately groomed according to standards provided. Restock side stations as directed by management. Proper transfer of soiled linens. Resets all tables as per standards. Check floor around tables and remove debris. Remove all dirty dishes from dining room immediately. Scheduled breakdown and cleaning of side stations and back of house. Provide clean ashtrays during entire meal. Replenish water, coffee, or other items as needed during service. Provide coffee service in the event that server is occupied. Must be able to cooperate with co-workers and function in a team atmosphere. Meets the attendance guidelines of the job and adheres to regulatory, departmental, and company policy as management may direct. Completely understands proper storage and food handling techniques, as well as equipment operation and their value. Understand The Caf ''s standards of service, safety, and sanitation. Understanding of products and menu items.
Ability to move throughout the dining room effectively. Ability to lift and carry approximately 30-40 pounds repeatedly. Must be able to initiate and engage in conversation in a professional and friendly manner. Ability to perform reaching and stooping motions. Must possess basic English reading skills and strong interpersonal and communication skills. Must be able to cooperate with co-workers and function in a team atmosphere.
Must be able to work inside and continuously maneuver in and around throughout the restaurant. Must be able to work in a fast paced environment. Must be able to lift, bend, stoop, twist, kneel, crouch, push, and pull when necessary. Must be able to handle more than one function at a time by being well-organized and attentive to details. Must fully understand standards of position as management may direct. Must be able to tolerate hot temperatures in the kitchen areas.
Requisition Id: 792284

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