Warehouse Produce Manager

Warehouse Supervisor Responsibilities
Job Summary. Only STRONG Leadership Apply Please!!!!
The Warehouse Supervisor is responsible for overseeing a wide variety of warehouse activities including shipping and receiving fresh fruits and vegetables and any other perishables and/or finished goods and maintaining inventory and associated records. People management responsibilities including hiring and comprehensive training, planning and assigning daily work, conducting performance appraisals, addressing performance issues, and resolving problems. Walking Coolers immediately upon arriving checking shorts and making immediate decisions with purchasers.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
o Supervise and Assist in Daily warehouse and shipping areas including: Filling and shipping customers orders, satisfying internal shipping requirements ( technical service, vendors, etc.) ensuring accuracy of shipments and supporting documentation, receiving incoming material and routing to appropriate area or personnel, filling work orders from production, packaging assemblies and receiving into finished goods, ensuring inventory transactions are accurately logged and overseeing cycle counts and reconciliation activities.
o Measuring and reporting the effectiveness of the department activities. ( holding people accountable)
o Developing and maintaining departmental work instructions for all tasks.
o Establishing or adjusting work procedures to meet warehouse demands as dictated by production schedules and work flow.
o Interpreting company policies to workers and enforcing safety regulations and ensuring all log books are current and up to date. And the overall security of the building and stock. ( IN AUDIT READY DAILY).
o Recommending measures to improve quality of service, increasing efficiency of department and work crew and equipment performance.
o Continuously improve warehouse operations through the use of lean enterprise practices.
o Conferring with other supervisors to coordinate activities or individual departments and serving internal customers.
o Producing regular reports and statistics on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, operations performance, overtime etc.
o Briefing team leaders on the issues for that particular day.
o Motivating, organizing and encouraging teamwork with the workforce to ensure set productivity targets are met.
o Help oversee in minimizing shrink.
o Set up interviews with Drivers, warehouse workers for days and nights, and receivers. Ensure all proper hiring procedures are followed and documentations all completely filled out before turning into Human Resource. (Comptroller).
o Overseeing the planned maintenance of vehicles, machinery and equipment.
o Ensuring cleanliness of all stations or complete before personnel leave their stations for the day or night.
o Night receiving product is properly documented, inventoried, stickered and placed in appropriate designated slot.
o Ensuring comprehensive Training program is in place and continued cross-training of all employees. For future management promotions with-in the company.
o Inspecting Building outside, parking lot, dumpster area on every arrival for any Debris that needs assigned personnel attention too.
o Communicates with purchasing department, Director of sales and Mike on any product that's low on inventory or too much so they can make the immediate and appropriate decisions to move or order product.
o Oversees the hiring and training of ALL drivers and wear and tear of fleet and finances. (Until you train someone to oversee this with out any mistakes).
o Confidentiality agreement with you and GCP that NO information concerning GCP is discussed with ANYONE outside this business. Code of Ethics.
1. Education &
Associates degree and three to five years of relevant warehouse experience (including 1
+ year of previous supervisory experience), or equivalent combination of education and experience.
2. Self motivating, delegation, leadership professional skills.
3. Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
4. Ability to make calculations such as discounts, freight estimates, dimensional weight, invoices, and percentages.
5. Knowledge of general business computer software and aptitude to learn new software applications.
6. Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook).
7. Ability to meet physical requirements including: a variety of standing, sitting and walking throughout the day: repeated twisting at the torso while lifting and pulling inventory from shelves; regular lifting of to 20 pounds and occasional lifting of 30-50 pounds, usage of fork lift, power pallet jacks.
8. Ability to see Challenges before they occur.

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