The Locksmith installs, repairs, and maintains all types of locks and door closures for the VA Gulf Coast Veterans Health Care System.
This includes the Biloxi and Gulfport Divisions, as well as all outpatient clinics located in Mobile, Alabama:
Eglin OPC, Pensacola and Panama City, Florida.
Fabricates all types of keys from sample keys, code, or directly to locks.
Incumbent re-keys cylinders on all types of locks to provide authorized access, while maintaining security.
Removes broken keys from locks, changes tumblers to permit certain locks to be operated by a master key, and sets up combinations on certain locks to restrict their use to special keys.
Maintains and changes combinations on all types of safes, vaults, special panic locks, and medicine cabinets.
Must be able to open all types of locks without benefit of keys.
Operates lathe and other associated and related machinery necessary to fabricate unavailable parts for obsolete locks.
Incumbent estimates time and material for job requests and orders, checks and accepts all materials/supplies, and maintains stock levels for the Lock Shop.
Responsible for preparing his/her work orders on jobs that are called in as "emergencies".
Originates and maintains numerous master lock systems, which encompasses a complete array of master sets for each specific outpatient clinic.
Conforms all work to comply with VA regulations and keeps an on going up-to-date record of master locks at all times, Incumbent must be knowledgeable concerning all fire regulations, codes, etc.
, and maintains all escape windows and doors to conform to these regulations.
Incumbent is required to make periodic inspections of all building hardware and makes replacements or adjustments as needed.
Performs other duties, as necessary, assigned by the Facility Structural Maintenance Supervisor.
The incumbent is considered an expert in the area of locking device capabilities and functions, and works closely with management in determining suitable locks to be used when solving security problems.
Incumbent independently plans techniques to be used and applies judgment in the selection of tools and accepted trade practices to troubleshoot and neutralize lockouts.
Incumbent is responsible for rebuilding major locking devices, which may involve experimentation with a variety of materials, pads' shapes, and fabrication techniques.
Locksmith rebuilds Jock devices to accomplish special security objectives.
These devices are usually designed to work in conjunction with other components and equipment to form a complete security or surveillance system.
Incumbent maintains all Lock Shop equipment, materials, and locksmithing tools, which includes but is not limited to key-cutting, duplicators, jigs, and combinating machines, etc.
, and safeguards them from loss arid theft.
Ensures his/her Lock Shop tools, equipment, and shop areas are in clean, serviceable condition; and assures that items on the CMR assigned to the Lock Shop are kept adequately maintained and secured against loss or theft.
Work Schedule:
Monday - Friday 8:
00 A.
- 4:
30 P.
Position Description Title/PD#:
Locksmith # 520-1866-A

Don't Be Fooled

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