General Engineer

This position serves as a Staff Engineer independently responsible for engineering analysis, development, design, and preparation of complete contract plans and specifications using AutoCAD for renovation, retrofits, and new construction projects.
He/She is responsible for technical design of architectural and engineering systems for station-level, and Nonrecurring Maintenance (NRM) projects, as assigned.
The duties of this position include all engineering design phases and contract management of complex construction, extension, renovation, alteration, and maintenance and repair projects for this health care system and engineering support responsibility for four (4) outpatient clinics located in Mobile, Alabama, Pensacola, Eglin, and Panama City Beach, Florida.
The incumbent will be located at the main Biloxi Campus in the Projects Section, Engineering Service.
All work will be generally supervised by the Chief, Engineering Service and the employee will be directly supervised by the Program Director, Projects Section.
The incumbent is responsible for performing detailed engineering calculations, preparing justifiable cost estimates, preparing bid alternates to assure contract award, developing new features, if necessary, in addition to improving, extending, or validating current known precedents, data, methods, or techniques.
Incumbent is responsible for coordination of design teams, which include architect/engineers (A/E's), and determining the action necessary in the development and completion of design projects.
Is a member of the Architect/Engineer (A/E) Review Board on assigned projects, making recommendations for selection of an A/E firm.
Fully develops the scope of project work and engineering requirements for the A/E contract, effectively communicates with the using service to ensure needed compliance, performs detailed reviews of A/E design submissions and final contract documents, assures compliance with all applicable design criteria, and makes revisions to the A/E's design, if necessary.
Incumbent performs as the supervisory Project Engineer during all phases of construction.
Incumbent will perform technical evaluation of contractors' questions posed during the bidding period, preparation of amendments of solicitation, and technical review of submittals and shop drawings for compliance with contract drawings and specifications.
Responsible for technical evaluation of contractors' requests for information, reviewing contractors' schedules, reviewing/processing contractors' payment requests, recommending change orders, if necessary, resolving interpretation of or conflicts in plans and specifications with contractors.
Incumbent checks phasing work activity, as required, to provide continuing use of existing facilities; performs daily inspection of contractor work for drawings/specification compliance, making partial-final and final inspections.
Makes recommendations for signature by the Project Section Program Manager, and numerous other daily tasks involved in contract supervision and administration.
In the performance of a Project Engineer, due to the nature of and the complexity of problems, which arise in construction, the incumbent is versatile and innovative in adapting, modifying, or making compromises with standard guides, precedents, specifications, methods, and techniques.
Responsible for assisting in development of annual NRM and Minor Construction programs, determination and development of project feasibility and scope of work, performing detailed engineering calculations and cost estimates for the annual Ten Year Facility Plan and Ten Year Energy Plan.
Incumbent provides professional engineering support, acts as an advisor and consultant to the maintenance and operations personnel, Safety Office, upper management, other services, and medical staff.
Engineer maintains a complete, accurate, and up-to-date technical reference library of codes, standards, and Master Construction Specifications.
Incumbent must be proficient in hands on use of AutoCAD in preparing contract drawings, specifications, and project work.
Responsible for providing AutoCAD drawings and maintaining computer as-built drawings pertaining to specific projects delegated by the supervisor, and will assist other staff members, maintaining and developing required standard details, and keeping abreast of the latest CAD/CAFM changes and/or developments.
Oversees, directs, or administers the development, production, and or maintenance of materials, components, equipment, or other systems or sub-systems.
Conducts and/or provides professional advisory services pertaining to the observation, examination, measurement, analysis, mapping, and description of physical and cultural features and phenomena.
Work Schedule:
Monday through Friday 8:
00 am - 4:
30 pm Position Description Title/PD#:
General Engineer PD # 520-02690-0Relocation/Recruitment Incentive:
Relocation Recruitment Incentives are not authorized for this position.

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