Requisition Number:1084279
Date Posted:11/9/2016
Department:Casino Marketing
Property:Harrah's Gulf Coast
As a member of the VIP Hospitality team, your foremost role will be to manage all aspects of a customer journey while on property, simultaneously coordinating with account development team members on pre- and post-trip planning. The VIP Host will constantly strive to delight our guests; exceeding their expectations through gracious, enthusiastic, and personalized service. Candidates should have sharply honed interpersonal skills; inspire confidence and exude authenticity with regard to both guest and team interactions.
The ideal candidate for this position will possess inherent customer service skills, a passion for customer care, and a commitment to proactive service and recovery as necessary. Members of the VIP Hospitality team will work to resolve customer issues using a rich set of tools which include real time customer data and alert systems. Members of this team will operate in a highly collaborative way and will deliver on Harrah?s service promise, while be held accountable for all service opportunities that may arise.
Job Description:
+ Greets guests in the casino and participates in social events and special promotions
+ Uses sound judgment and makes decisions in accordance with established comp and expense guidelines
+ Fully empowered with comp authority
+ Handles difficult guests and situations in a calm, professional and prudent manner
+ Maintains close ties with customers to engender loyalty
+ Anticipates, responds to and consistently meets or exceeds the needs of guests including, but not limited to, transportation and accommodation arrangements
+ Seamless coordination with Account Development team, New Business Team and employees throughout property (e.g. Credit, Gaming, Hotel, Food & Beverage, Transportation) to create successful delivery of pre-trip itinerary
+ Proactively identifies and resolves service failures; taking immediate action to resolve service gaps and cement player loyalty and intent to return by using comp authority or making exceptions
+ Fully complies with all applicable rules, regulations, laws and policies, and conducts themselves with highest levels of integrity and honesty
+ Identifies ways to increase efficiencies and to improve products or services
+ Clearly communicates programs/services to necessary people, seeks their support and keeps them informed of changes that may impact the business
+ Keeps track of existing products/services and/or progress on new initiatives
+ Must be knowledgeable of all happenings on property and in market
+ Finds new customers based on criteria established by property leadership
+ Stays up to date with the latest developments in both the local market and industry
+ Complies with and upholds company expectations including Code of Commitment, policies, procedures, industry regulations, department goals and business strategy
+ Gives consistent, polite, timely, and accurate information and service to all guests; taking the initiative to find the answer when unsure
? Three to five years experience casino/hotel, customer service, host or other account management experience (Luxury service experience preferred).
? Ability to think independently in making decisions to maximize customer service experience and program profitability
? Ability to effectively manage time and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
? Must be proficient with customer Point-of-Service systems
? Excellent interpersonal, communication, problem solving and analytical skills required.
? Must have a systematic and process oriented mindset to ensure seamless end-to-end customer experiences.
? Strong attention to detail with both trip logistics and customers
? Must have excellent customer service skills.
? Must present well-groomed professional appearance.
? Must be able to listen and respond to visual and aural cues. Multilingual preferred.
Approachable:Spends the extra effort to put others at ease. An exceptional listener who is gracious, sensitive and patient.
Initiative:Create and seize opportunities to win, even when faced with ambiguity. True passion for results.
Interpersonal Savvy: Builds rapport quickly by listening, sharing, understanding and comforting.
Outside In:Obsessed with exceeding customer expectations. Passionate about service improvements.
Self-Assurance:Confident in ability to meet goals.
Composure:cool under pressure; doesn't show frustration or become defensive when faced with challenging or stressful situations; not knocked off balance by the unexpected; a settling influence with others.
Planning Agility:sees ahead to prepare competitive strategies and plans; accurately scopes & plans tasks; sets clear goals and evaluates personal performance against results; anticipates future challenges and adjusts for roadblocks 40e43d0bd1f34f8580ad8157fb85b828

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